Clients can expect a multiplicity of outcomes from individual sessions and team retreats. Jempe Center builds stronger, more effective leaders who foster extraordinary teamwork and generate sustainable business results.

Individual Outcomes

  • Identify real strengths and superpowers, build a signature presence as a leader.
  • Root out coping skills that used to work but now seriously limit effectiveness and hold the executive back - break bad habits.
  • Achieve sustainability, endurance, stamina, resilience, risk-taking, inner strength -  take the executive to the next level of responsibility, salary and position.
  • Develop a sense of ease and a connection to what’s important.
  • Find a stronger voice.
  • Overcome burnout, rediscover passion for the business.
  • Make better decisions and choices.
  • Learn flexibility and creativity to solve problems.
  • Gain a fresh perspective - “tune up” as business/life changes over time.

Team Outcomes

  • Build a strong executive team that functions brilliantly together. One that has each others back, shines with excellence, moves fast, has unbreakable trust and bonds, unbeatable, shared goals, one vision, complementary skills and inspires passion.
  • Grow high-functioning cross-generational teams.
  • Solve trust issues within executive teams.
  • Ensure the team grows together as new challenges arise and new members join.

Company Outcomes

  • Resolve conflict within business partnerships or executive teams to move on, stronger and more committed, with better tools.
  • Get ready for succession planning. Who’s ready? What do they need? How can the CEO transition to a new role? How can the Board support the new structure?
  • Prepare for investment rounds and/or exit sale of companies.
  • Ensure the best fit for Mergers & Acquisitions in blended executive team and equipping CEO of merged companies.
  • Manage transitions: company growth spurts, expansion, contraction, change of direction.
  • Expand the leadership team to establish a cohesive set of goals and define a new direction.