About Us

The world has changed radically: we’re now networked, digital and global, facing business challenges of increasing complexity, making the relevance and challenge of leadership ever more compelling.  In over twenty years of executive coaching and leadership training, John McConnell and Virginia Rhoads have guided successful leaders on the path to becoming extraordinary leaders who meet and shape the challenges of the modern world.  They have pioneered proven methodologies to engage people mentally, physically and emotionally— unlocking vital new skills and producing tangible results.

Individuals and teams come to Jempe Center from companies including Hornall Anderson, Microsoft, DDB Seattle, Skanska, Equity Office, Find My Past, Citrix, Intertox, Boeing, Expedia, Nike, Holland America, Capital One, Rational Agency, Wilburforce Foundation, Wilderness Awareness School, Pacific Market International, Redbird, HFF and Seattle University for a myriad of reasons. Many leaders have reached the top of their professions and need to take stock, highlight assets and identify liabilities, then set goals for what’s next. Some have received workplace feedback and have specific traits to smooth out, improve on or acquire. Others are at a mid-career intersection and not sure which road to take. An increasing number want a vision, and plan, for an exciting Third Chapter. What sets Jempe Center clients apart from the rest is a willingness to dive in, get honest, achieve authenticity, do the work required - and have an appetite for adventure.