Centered Leadership

There are certain people we just want to follow. They have a certain PRESENCE. They are grounded. They keep their head when others are losing theirs. They engender trust and put others at ease, making collaboration easy. They focus on the big picture when others are mired in details, yet they easily shift gears to tactics when that is required for progress. They take a stand and yet remain open and curious. They balance the pace of modern life in a way that they remain resilient and energized. We call this way of leading "Centered Leadership" and it can be learned through our series of 3 day leadership/teamwork intensives.  

Our signature Centered Leadership intensives integrate our findings from a 20 year search for the most effective coaching and leadership methodologies.  Our clients have said to us again and again: "This is unlike any training I ever experienced -- the results are phenomenal and they last."

Our 3-day Centered Leadership intensives focus on building embodied leadership capacities in three arenas:

  • The Presence of a Leader
  • The Heart of a Leader
  • The Mind of a Leader

Whether you sign up for an existing intensive or we custom design something for you and your team we will start by making sure we understand your unique goals and challenges.  Through Centered Leadership you will learn to recognize when you have been knocked off your game and gain practical skills to center yourself — in mind and body — providing more access to your natural gifts and greater ability to make a positive and lasting difference.

We can host your retreat at Pegasus Ranch or travel to your location.  To learn more contact us.