Clients can expect a multiplicity of outcomes from individual sessions and team retreats. Jempe Center builds stronger, more effective leaders who foster extraordinary teamwork and generate sustainable business results.

Individual Outcomes

  • Identify real strengths and superpowers, build a signature presence as a leader.
  • Root out coping skills that used to work but now seriously limit effectiveness and hold the leader back - break bad habits.
  • Achieve sustainability, endurance, stamina, resilience, risk-taking, inner strength -  take the leader to the next level of responsibility, salary and position.
  • Develop a sense of ease and a connection to what’s important.
  • Find a stronger voice.
  • Overcome burnout, rediscover passion for the business.
  • Make better decisions and choices.
  • Learn flexibility and creativity to solve problems.
  • Gain a fresh perspective - “tune up” as business/life changes over time.

Team Outcomes

  • Create a leadership culture where people are real, trustworthy, and have each other’s backs.
  • Embody signature leadership presence and elevate each other to do their best work.
  • Build a strong leadership team that is passionately inspired, deeply committed, and creatively collaborative in creating brilliant work and meaningful impact.  
  • Eliminate gossip, politicking, decisions not sticking and unaddressed conflicts.
  • Operate as a world class leadership team that loves working together and delivers sustainable results.
  • Grow high-functioning cross-generational teams.
  • Solve trust issues within and between teams.
  • Ensure the team grows together as new challenges arise and new members join.

Company Outcomes

  • Resolve conflict within business partnerships or leadership teams to move on, stronger and more committed, with better tools.
  • Get ready for succession planning. Who’s ready? What do they need? How can leaders scale up to new roles? How can the Board support the new structure?
  • Discover and attract ideal clients that are aligned with where you want the business to go.
  • Foster collaborative partnerships with your customers -- you are committed to each other’s success.
  • Engender greater ownership of bottom line results from leaders and team.
  • Develop a more sustainable business capable of weathering changes in economy, culture, and customers.
  • Break the “Wall Street cycle” of short term gain at long term cost so you can create a sustainable and successful business.
  • Manage transitions: company growth spurts, expansion, contraction, change of direction.
  • Become a force in transforming your industry to serve a greater good.